Welcome to The Pixelers' "Sampler" Page
Each clip is a small piece of art, finding the right look & feel to convey the ultimate message, through
telling a story sprinkled with compelling visuals. We have categorized our samples into four main groups: 
Fake-it Till U Make-it 3D, Cool Engaging 2D, Sassy and Snappy Motion-Graphics and Entry-Level Whiteboard.
Have a look and tell us which style works for you!
Fake-it Till U Make-it 3
Cool Engaging 2D
Sassy and Snappy Motion-Graphics and Whiteboard Animation
We treat each video with the respect it deserves. Our process starts with studying the business, target audience and objective. We then assemble the right team of copywriters, narrators, designers and animators to best suite the project.
For a price quote please drop us a line with a short description of what you had in mind.
We'll do our best to help you get there.

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