Going Viral

Set in a South African big game reserve, Going Viral is told through the eyes of the animals and how they deal with the poachers who are out to kill them and the tourists who are out to watch them kill each other. 



Animated Feature Film & Live Action  






Something’s gone wrong in The Savanna.  Under the influence of a Gandhi-preaching gibbon, the animals have become pacifists – they refuse to kill or be killed.  They’ve all, and I mean all, become vegans!  And as a result, the safari business is on the brink of collapse.  


National Conservation Network is losing viewers daily. Nobody wants to watch animals lying around doing nothing — they want  action! The park authorities try desperate methods; kidnapping animals and holding them ransom, demanding that they return to their omnivorous ways.  The animals – herds, prides, and packs – have no choice.  They make a decision. They agree to return to their old ways, but this time with a difference.