The Merchant of Venice Beach

A notorious arms dealer in deep debt returns to Venice Beach to work at his father’s surf shop. Determined to revive the store's glory days, he incorporates his ruthless merchant tactics to the laid back shore’s of southern California.



2D Animation Comedy Series for young adults




In Development


Anatoly “Toly” Molotov is a ruthless businessman that has made his fortune selling weapons to the highest bidder. An economic downfall and heavy debt has forced Toly to return to his father's store in Venice Beach. He quickly finds his way back to the top, this time as a small time local vendor, and sadly learns that life on the boardwalk will never be like the life he used to lead. However, with his "arms dealer" mentality, Toly does everything he can to eliminate the competition, sell his products to the tourists, and avoid Special Agent Pierre Duchamp, a failing Interpol agent who refuses to believe Toly has gone legit. And he gets to do all this while working on his tan!