In the land of Ritag virtual reality becomes more real than the world we live in!



3D & 2D Animation

Family Feature Film







This  extraordinary story begins in a provencial European town in the middle of the last century where Mitra, a 10-year old boy, in love with flying and pained by the mysterious disappearance of his father a pilot, lives and dreams about planes. One day, on a chance encounter with an artist, he discovers a treasure drove of collectables from around the world. In particular are a curious pair of goggles attached to a pilot’s cap. These are no ordinary goggles and when Mitra puts them on suddenly revealed before him is a parrellel reality that brings him to the land of Ritag. It is here that he meets Motley the thief who steals people’s memories. Through an exciting and non-stop action adventure among curious and strange beings, Mitra discovers the truth of what really happened to his lost father and the adventure to bring him home.