The Pixelers restarts as a 2.0!

Although officially started in 2007 under the name Argus Studio, the Pixeler's Founder and Chairman, Eldad Sery, announced the company has gone through a complete revamping.

"Its hard to imagine its the same company," said Eldad. "We've taken on a whole new senior management with an incredible history in animation production of over 50 years combined."

Gedaliah Gurfein, former Director of Creative Development for IDT Entertainment, has come on board as The Pixeler's CEO. He is joined by his long time friend, Cathy Lawrence, formerly of Disney Animation and ILM, as the company's new Chief Creative Officer.

Also joining up on the company's advisory board is Trang Nguyen, who worked with Gedaliah at IDT Entertainment as their Senior Vice President, Studio Operations & Chief Administrative Officer and Daniel St. Pierre who had first worked with Cathy at Disney during the production of Lion King.

Visiting with Daniel St. Pierre at dreamworks, showing his past work

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