The Pixelers & the Swedish Embassy host Moggles

With VR rapidly becoming the new buzzword, the market has busted wide open. Coming out of Sweden is the newest in VR head wear produced by the Moggles. The Swedish Embassy of Israel invited the Moggles to Israel for a world premier viewing of their latest technology before an invitation only group of industry leaders and investors. And yes, we know their name sounds like a pop-band from the 60's!

Organized by Uri Chartarifsky, the Pixelers’ Director of VR, the key note speaker was

Yoram Honig, the Director of the Jerusalem Film Fund, who spoke about financial incentives being offered by the city to gaming, animation and VR companies.

The evening was hosted by Klarna, Sweden's answer to hassle-free online shopping, in their offices at the Google Building, Tel Aviv. Attendees included the head of Volvo and SpaceID. Also present was Israel Gadot, Director of Boston’s Mass Challenge in Israel and Isaac Hassan, Director of Jerusalem’s PICO.

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