Hop, Skip and Jump from Jerusalem to LA

The Jerusalem Film Fund, headed by Yoram Honig, has developed a program called the Hop, Skip and Jump in which dozens of Israeli animation companies have been competing to have their chance to pitch an original TV or feature film animation project to three of the largest studios from LA and Canada who will be coming to Jerusalem this fall.

In order to qualify and prepare the companies the program brought to Jerusalem this week, timed with the Jerusalem Film Festival, leading LA screen writers, show runners and agents included Emmy and Global Award winner David Israel and Fonda Snyder who mentored the Israeli animation groups for two days.

On the last day the groups made their pitches before a panel of six judges at the Jerusalem Cinematheque where only the winners will now be able to pitch the North American studios for major cash

prizes and distribution deals. The Pixelers' Gedaliah Gurfein was the Master of Ceremonies.

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