Pixelers Chosen To Lead "Religious" Animation Training in Jerusalem

Jerusalem Film Fund's Managing Director, Yoram Honig, announced today to the leading animation studios in Jerusalem that Government funding has been approved and awarded to The Pixelers to begin training the art of 3D animation to "Ultra Orthodox" Jewish men and women (separately) in Jerusalem.

Mr. Honig wrote, "Hi all! We got green light from gov to hold animation classes with "Haredi" men and women.The Pixelers will be the org that will do it. We want to make sure that their curriculum and the soft wear taught are in sync with your studio's requirements so that you also would be able to recruit graduates of the program. In order to do so, best if we all meet ASAP and Gedalya & Eldad will share their method.

The Pixelers already runs a very successful training center in Tel Aviv together with HackerU called 3DU. Graduates receive an Autodesk certificate.

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